An embarrassment of cultural riches in Ann Arbor this week - from Mary Sibande’s show, to Simon McBurney at Stamps.  

And Interarts has had it best of all… We heard Tommy DeFranz speak in DAAS on Monday, looking forward to his show in the Dude with Carisa Bledsoe and Brian Garcia.     

Hosted the amazing Michelle Handelman in Live Arts Survey yesterday.  Michelle generously agreed to carve some time from her installation in progress at the Broad Museum in E Lansing to speak about her fascinating video installation work.   Her passion for art and art making was contagious.   And the Broad seems to be a great new place to experience art, looking forward to the field trip!

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Brita Thorne, Interarts BFA 2013, is kicking ass in Chicago right now, cracking up 200 people according to my friend Tyler Greene.    Go Brita!

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"NEA 4 in Residence" + "Performing Beyond Funding" @NewMuseum

from travis chamberlain: “I am very pleased to introduce the resident artists for "Performing Beyond Funding Limits: Research in Practice," a companion project to "NEA 4 in Residence." The PBFL residents are Tobaron Waxman, Salley May, Brigham Mosley, and Erin Markey. These artists will engage in a series of self-directed group research sessions under the collaborative mentorship of the NEA 4, et al. to develop radical “business plans” for better sustaining their own solo performance practices and to imagine new strategies beyond the limits of available funding. A series of Final Presentations on Saturday, May 5 (FREE) is preceded by a shared bill of new short performance works by these artists on Friday, May 4 at 7pm. 

The PBFL residents were chosen by the NEA 4 in collaboration four curators (selected by the NEA 4) who supported their work during the culture wars of the early ’90s. To follow this project and participate in the research, please join our community page at NEA 4 in Residence - New Museum.”


Holly Hughes quarries queer strategies for teaching queer performance and performing queer histories.

May 5 – Queer(ing) Performance Pedagogy: Roundtable with Holly Hughes

May 10 – Expanded forms of Reenactment in Queer Performance: Holly Hughes and Cindy Carr in Conversation

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Go Wolverines!

I have alot of inner animals but b ball brings out the WOLVERINE. It’s nuts how excited I was about the game last night. I seriously considered face paint as an option. My inner wolverine is unleashed. I will return to being a normal human being in a day or two. 

Louisville was great. And we lost.

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Paul Robeson

Happy birthday, Paul Robeson, a courageous American hero.

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Animal Acts, Beasts of the Northern Wild

Tonight I’m performing in Ann Arbor for the first time in many many years - 6:30 at the Dude, as part of Animal Acts, Beasts of the Northern Wild… I’ll be sharing the stage with Kim Marra, Carmelita Tropicana and Joseph Keckler

I’m opening. I’m not an idiot, no way I could follow that lineup!!!!

Hosted by the amazing Amanda Krugliak!

at the Duderstadt Cente!

2281 Bonisteel Boulevard Ann Arbor, Michigan

I should just point out we SOLD OUT last night, not that it costs anything but we ran out of seating, even with the Film festival, Ken Burns, the Motorola Lecture, etc etc We have people from Ohio State, from Bowling Green, from MSU, and Indiana and the CUNY Grad center who came in for the festival! So come early, parking is tricky on North!

Complete schedule:

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Dog & Pony, coming to Oberlin 

Weds, Feb 13, 

7:30pm Warner Main Space. Bring your own pony…

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Private versus public

Dear Cyber Public

A post I had intended for a private internet forum was reposted here yesterday.   I forget that I have this more public platform that anyone can see.     My friend who reposted the entry was just trying to provide a forum for how to teaching provocative material, but of course, some of my students saw this piece and were quite upset.

The original post was put into cyberspace in part to ask for help from other teachers who teach controversial material.    I didn’t feel like I handled the situation in class very well because I had gotten upset, I felt that I didn’t help the student gain a deeper understanding of the issue, I had shut them down.

In the other venue, a place that I police carefully to make sure that my students are never part of, I got lots of help about how to do a better job.    But things have been made much worse by this inadvertant (and misspelled) reposting.

I hope that all accept my apologies for a series of errors.   This is isn’t a forum I wish to use to talk about work issues of any complexity.    I love my students - that is not too large a claim - and hope that trust can be repaired.

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Congrats C Carr

Congratulations to dear friend, Cynthia Carr, for getting a big mention in the NY Times - her latest “Fire In the Belly,” a biography of David Wojnarowicz, was listed as one of the top art books of the past year! It’s beautifully written, as all of Carr’s work is, and very compelling. So great to see someone who is such a brilliant writer, wonderful human but utterly unself-promoting, get some long overdue attention!

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