Looking forward to Princeton - Oct 24 7pm Queering Lesbian Feminist History: Conversation about the Politics of Solo Performance w Jill Dolan

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Reposting Brita Thorne’s beautiful, simple “It Gets Better” video. In the class in which this was made, I asked students to probe the difficulties they faced, their moments of despair, whether or not it had anything to do with sexuality. They did not have to end with a declaration of “it gets better.” They had to respond to it, which could be a question, a refusal, any kind of response was fine. I loved this piece by Brita about body image. The writing, performance and the simple video approach are just great.

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COMING IN SEPTEMBER: Tim Miller/Holly Hughes

Holly Tim

 Looking forward to our double bill! That theater is HUGE. 

The Carpenter Center in Long Beach, California.

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I’m not in NYC so you have to go and see POST-PLASTICA for me and report back. It opens tonite, plays Thurs-Sunday. Carmelita TropicanaEla TroyanoBecca Blackwell and Erin Markey what’s not to like??!!!!!

Hilton Als thinks so too.

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Earth Matters on Stage

Landed in Pittsburgh for the Earth Matters on Stage Conference. I’m performing tomorrow. Looks like there’s a lot of great events.

And I’m going to see Jennifer Monson, in itself a great event!

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A shout out to Carmelita Tropicana in the New Yorker! Her new piece features Erin Markey and Becca Blackwell“Post Plastica” at El Museo del Barrio

I can’t go. So you have to go for me. And tell me all about it!

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A great final night at Links Hall! Here I am with Kim Marra, Raissa HinmanAmy Chavasse, and Bootstrap. We had a great house last night -Deb DurhamSuzanne Scanlon were there in the mix; and other standing heat artists like Kestutis Nakas and Deke Weaver (we missed you, Kevin Kling). Thanks to Annie Rudnick, Tyler James Greene, Marie Caismir, Roell Schmidt and the entire Links crew, as well Joshua 
Chambers-Letson and Carrie Sandahl who led great conversations.

I hope that everyone supports Links and all the other great performance spaces like it that are committed to supporting the artists. There are fewer and fewer but they are so important.

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Interarts Performance @umich

I’m very excited to announce that my new program at Michigan, Interarts Performance, which allows undergrads to build a BFA from classes in Art and Design, Theatre and Drama, Dance and Performing Arts Technology, will welcome five new students this fall! That’s been our target, we want to keep it small. http://art-design.umich.edu/programs/undergraduate/interarts 

This will be our third full year. These students are so great. I’m always happy to see them and work with them.

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